Brand New Day

 This is an excerpt from the up and coming book, “Behind the Black”, in  chapter 6-“Kissed the wrong frog”.

Brand new starts happen whenever we feel the onset of change. They can be scary, but set the unwarranted fear aside and excitement kicks it up a notch. If fear is flushed out there is empty space, free and clear to take on the newness and exciting onset of adventure into the unknown.

 I love waking up with this bounce in my step. And this was the inspiration behind a painting called, “Brand New Day”. I remembered a photo taken of me in front of a window in Jamaica with the morning sun pouring through the glass like a shower of rainbows, so I used it for the technical parts of the painting. It changed a lot in translation as they always do. I remembered the warmth of those days you can’t wait for. When you appreciate being alive and you can’t wait to greet your day. A new start is weightless and free so I painted her levitating. I wanted to capture what the world of imagination looks like to me sometimes when I open that door, so the leaves from the curtains become reality and spread beneath her feet, helping to hold her in this space of freedom and forgiveness.I painted the hands with red flowers in the middle of them to represent a beautiful reminder of the story of Jesus and his life spent to bring us all back to this place. This fresh start on life. There’s a small crack in the window as a reminder of the fragility of the moment. The irony of this is that even when reality cracks through the windows of our dreams the once closed off portal becomes a door….haHA. In the far off distance outside the window, there is a little boy picking a flower. In reality, he was throwing rocks at a cow. Artistic license.

“Brand New Day”-24”x30” oil painting


I later painted another rendition of this painting called “Aura of a Brand New Day”. Painted with the same aura of inspiration, in this one there is a hidden element. This painting was the birth of my discovery phosphorescence suspended in oil color. There has always been a question of permanence in using phosphorescence. We have yet to find out if suspending them in the oil mediums will last for centuries, but in doing some research I discovered that they break down when exposed to air or water. By using an oil suspension, neither of these will affect it and they may even last longer than the lightfast pigments that have been used to make color for paints for centuries.


 In this new rendition, I’d traveled much more, seen much more and was even entering into the sunset half of my life. I lived in a very rainy section of the country blessed by the beauty that lots of rain brings, but I missed blue skies and the matching water of the tropical places I had been to. In this one, I can see the ocean. And in this one I could watch the moon rise over the horizon greeting me with all the wisdom that trekking through the darkness can bring. In the bright light of day we are blind to richness and fullness in the full moons of reflection that can only come to us when the clouds are cleared and we choose to find the light inside the experience of darkness.

Aura of a Brand new day in the dark Aura of a Brand New Day

“Aura of a Brand New Day”30×40 oil painting… the first picture is what the same painting looks like in the dark.


Hi there,

We created this site for those of us who have experienced… well life in its somewhat challenging form… We hope that it will be a place of strength and hope.

A place we can go to whenever we want and just put it all out there…



Welcome Burnt Marshmallows.

My name is Colleen, I’m an artist, scientist, writer, and a mom. Those are things I do. I am just a girl. I always wanted to blog- love to write- but I don’t really see the point being that 300 of 304 comments are usually advertisements for whatever. But so be it.

I’m waiting for my girls to wake up so that I can begin to build a dream. It’s a lifelong venture this dream I have. It started way way back, probably even before I was born. What am i talking about… ? Of course it was before I was born. It’s not my dream in a way. It’s a lot of people’s dreams. My dream was to wake up in the dream world I saw in my head. Simple enough sounding, but pretty wack if you ask anyone. Something a weirdo artist would say for sure.

Ever since my first breath on this planet… there’s been a bit of an off feeling. You see, at the chef’s table of life, you get served. You get served what is ON the menu. But there are so many other foods in the kitchen if you just ask the chef. So throughout life, I found myself asking questions. And soon i found out that the chefs cooking the meals are after something none of us wanted to know. Remember the story of the Hansel and Gretel? Right on if you got a gut feel that this is not what you ordered.

It started with the agents I had hired…. I found that they weren’t interested in my message. Just how fast i could work and how quick they could sell it. The more sexy poses I painted the better. My days were becoming a never ending disaster of a pulverised version of a message that I wanted to get out, all covered in this plastic coated artwork that had some juice inside… but the candy coated shell that the agents were so privy to sell seemed to block the true meaning for some.

My last agent took me for all I had. He sold all my art from underneath me and blew it up his nose as far as i know. I do know that it did not go to charity. :) I’m alive and will make more. And at least all my art has a home.

I don’t have an agent now. Never will again. I am my own soul with my own message and you can be too.

This is a blog about that. Sad songs and happy ones- built by artists everywhere, having gone through the blazing fire but holding a soft soul. The Burnt Marshmallows. May our carbon coating reveal its true color and shine like a diamond… we are about to embark on the journey back to center…. back to creative source.

May your stories inspire hope and love to all those who wish to become the crystallineDance- like no one is watching souls we are inside the dreams of old.